“At a time when the car is being questioned and its use denounced, why not reconnect with its original utopia, that of freedom, dreams, displacement and travel. To slip on the traffic jams and the congestion of the cities, to leave elsewhere, on the roads of the memory, the dreaming and the emotions. Balade – is an invitation to travel. It is an open window on the elsewhere. Balade is 7 names of cars. 7 stories. 7 places at the bend of the building. 7 illuminated signs like road signs. 7 emotions. These words correspond to names given by manufacturers to their cars. It is a selection that covers the years 1965 to 2021. Each name has been chosen for its capacity to open up space, to propose a horizon, to arouse the imagination.” […]

Service de la circulation routière et de la navigation, Sion
Public commission, State of Valais
Architects: R2A, Sion

illuminated signs : aluminium, LED, plexiglas
photo credit : Michel Bonvin