For the people

For The People took place last autumn in Marfa, Texas. An experiment with a stage, the landscape, a drone, 2 performers and the people. The authority of Judd and the overlapping images of hollywood movies shot in Marfa were ying like a drone over the project.
I conducted recently researches on mind control and augmented body. A research going from olfactory marketing to the role of sound/music in various experiments, e.g. in speech therapy or in the shopping experience. Mindfulness took an important place in my researches, due to the fact that this is a technique that is used and in antagonist contexts from its spiritual/wellness origins. For instance in almost every business schools or in the new training of US marines soldiers.
I became aware that it was used more and more in many different areas of the society, which raised many questions related to the manipulation of the mind and body. How a self suggestion technique can help to shape minds and in what purpose. Does it conduct to the renunciation of any acting.

mixed media, 2017-2018
photo credit : LM