Moon Rise

Moon Rise, a 6 min. video projected in a loop, makes it fairly clearly. In a snowy night land- scape, a man on skis pulls with great difficulty on a sleigh over which there is a ball of light resembling the Moon,with electric power supplied by a generator. We think of Sisyphus, so futile does the effort of this cross-country skier seem, as he drags this load with such great difficulty. We may also see this offering that is visual and metaphorical in equal measure as the sign of a lover‘s dependence. This machine which has the ability to create this type of sublime reality – an artificial construction for the eye of the lunar satellite, no less – really needs to be loved, and served, even if it has become a tyrannical breed. There is no choice, whatever the cost and effort demanded, if this is the price of beauty and marvelling.
Excerpt of Mécanismes transcendantaux, Paul Ardenne

DVD, 6min
photo credit : LM