Moteur oscillant

Moteur Oscillant (Oscillating Engine, 2010) is a stainless steel sphere housing a two-stroke engine hanging in the upper part of the space, the part most resembling a church nave. Its consumption of oil, that modern incense, gives off a persistent but transient smell that inhabits and highlights the volume of LiveInYourHead. Moteur Oscillant replays within an enclosed space a pollution that the visitor notices and tracks down. While showing the art space to be a place of worship, the analogy with the censer develops the idea of ceremonials – that of a fetishist gaze coveting an object, that of a public visiting an exhibition, that of a society subjected to the ever-present engine.
Laurence Schmidlin in Full Vacuum

Stainless steel, two-stroke engine, rope, pulley, Dimensions variable
photo credit : Virginie Otth