No Meeting, No Standing, No Sitting

« Entering the exhibition, one first encounters an installation recalling the remnants of rooms used for sanitary purposes. Perfect white tiles immediately call to mind elements of washrooms, for example a shower, laundry, or even a freshly cleaned slaughterhouse. A black rubber hose joins two metal fixtures on the wall. Upon close examination it becomes clear that water comes out of the wall through one end and enters the room through the nozzle on the other. Is this a real functioning object or a decoy? Walking through the exhibition space, one nds this structure a total of three times in slight variation, and the dynamic of the presentation is structured around the repetition of these three similar works. In addition to these three bas-reliefs, one nds four ags in the non-colors of black and white and also a video work, the soundtrack of which lends the exhibition its unique quality, while fusing together the different works presented. » […]
Excerpt of a text by Alexandra Blättler / English translation Laura Schleussner

wood, tiles, rubber, steel
crédit photo : Alexander Hana & Aurélien Bergot