Protect me from what I want

Bathtubs. Objects of well-being. An injunction to pleasure, to performance, to
body care. A syncopated sound environment made of starting and triggering of the pumps. A Bathtub turned into source. Garden of Eden. The water marks on the oor of the Kunsthalle. Metal boards on the walls. Boards which alternately covers the bathtub, when moved by the museum attendants. Boards that protect, as a photo pass-heads, or may lock someone in.

Baby One More Time, 2019, steel, pumps, modular timing relay, polyethylene
Board, 2019, steel, polyethylene
Foam Lock, 2019, steel, polyethylene, foam
Mind Control (Body), 2019, steel, copper, nickel

exibition views, Kunsthalle St.Gallen, 2019
photo credit : LM & atelier blam & Gunnar Meier