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Mindfulness took an important place in my researches, due to the fact that this is a technique that is used and in antagonist contexts from its spiritual/wellness origins. For instance in almost every business schools or in the new training of US marines soldiers.
I became aware that it was used more and more in many different areas of the society, which raised many questions related to the manipulation of the mind and body. How a self suggestion technique can help to shape minds and in what purpose. Does it conduct to the renunciation of any acting.

editor : atelier Raynald Métraux, Lausanne, 25ex. of 4 pages

typography on Gmund cotton paper 300 gm2, 40x50cm
photo credit : © Thomas Maisonnasse, Aurélien Bergot & Galerie du Boléro, Versoix/exposition « Avant demain » 2020